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Dominating Studios was founded by Kristian Lake (aka TOP-Proto) and Matt Murdoch (aka aRny) in February 2012.

We are very passionate about games, both coming from a competitive background going back since 1999 playing Quake, UT Instagib, Tactical Operations and a lot more first person shooter games both for clans and our national teams.

Our paths both led us into heading down the road of community modifications, where Kristian programmed and created his own addons and mods for games such as Goldeneye. Matt on the other hand was involved in the Tactical Operations 3.5 community patch and a core member of the ESE and TOST anti-cheat team.

Our journey saw us both come together in 2009 where we have since been working on Critical Point: Incursion (previously known as codename: Tactical Assault which many of you may be familiar with).

Working in our free time we have put together a fantastic international team of volunteers, an indie team determined to see our vision of owning a games company come reality soon!

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