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  • StGeorge Cut-off and isolated from the influence of the outside world, the monastery of St. George was a shelter of serenity for the monks that for centuries called this their home. It wasn’t until 2004, when a group of heavily armed terrorists discovered this hidden, fortress-like hideout. The still of birds, bells and chanting were traded for the cracking sounds of automatic gunfire, as the assassins set in motion to make this the perfect base for their operations.
  • Seclusion Deep in the secluded forest of an American mountain range, is the retreat for one of the military’s most decorated Generals. His lavish mansion, a retirement gift, and testament to his years of service and battles won. In stark contrast to the turmoil of battle, the only thing disrupting the crisp morning air is the sound of birds and loons at the lakeside. This morning, that calm was shattered by the sounds of gunfire.
  • Frostbite In the desolate deep of frozen Russia, a group of men, as lawless as the conditions they must endure, have procured an abandoned mining factory as a base for their underground network. Reports are still uncertain about how many they number, but what is known: they have kidnapped a group of high-profile businessmen, they are heavily fortified, and trained to complete their objective at all costs.

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Dominating Studios is a games design company. We are an indie based team currently creating our first game Critical Point: Incursion. This is a first person shooter game based on Epics UDK technology, concentrating on the core mechanics of gameplay, fun, speed and action!

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Welcome to Dominating Studios

Dominating Studios is proud to inform you of our very first project currently in progress Critical Point: Incursion.

We have undergone a huge rebrand and change or project name and in addition to releasing a collection of mouth watering media pictures to feast your appetite. You can read the full details of our game, reasons behind the re-branding and the media update over at


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